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Looking for writing help services? Are you one of those students who are tight on time but still want to achieve top grade on your writing assignments? Look no further. First Class Education is the ultimate solution to your stress. We have employed the best writers in the industry to help with your writing assignments. Whether it is writing help for essay, case studies, book reports, lab reports, article summaries or proofreading, we can certainly help! Our team consists of the best writers in this industry with years of writing experience. Most of them were once teacher assistants so they know exactly what is to be expected for your writing assignment. When you use our writing help service, you can be sure that all your assignments are done from scratch and plagiarism-free. Each writing assignment is completed carefully and consistent with the grading rubric.

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Students in colleges or universities face a variety of issues when it comes to writing and many need assignment writing help from professional writers.

Some of the most common reasons why students need writing help:

1. Proofreading: No matter how much effort and time students spend on writing their assignment, it may still prone to grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. On top of that, what may make sense to the student may not make sense to someone else reading it. Having one of our experts review the work is the best way to avoid careless mistakes. Our proofreading experts will not only proofread for grammar and the flow of the writing, they will also correct it so that the whole writing assignment makes more sense by adding more supplemental research sources, if applicable.

2. Expert guidance: Students require guidance when it comes to writing assignments mainly because they are not the expert in the subject. Our writing team are all PhD writers of different disciplines and will not only provide professional guidance but also provide critical feedback on what to do further to score top grades.

3. Accuracy: Students who are taking courses such as economics, finance, accounting, engineering, and statistics are constantly being bombarded with data. The most complicated part is not finding the data but analyzing the data and presenting it in a way that proves to the reader/marker that the argument is valid. Our professional writing assignment experts have years of experience when it comes to verifying data accuracy. Most importantly, it is this part that is weighted the most on the assignment. Don’t take the chance to flunk the assignment, send us your assignment for our experts to do it and/or review it to ensure that your assignment is at its best.

4. English as a second language: There has been a sharp increase in international students attending college and university and writing English may not their expertise. These students have difficulty understanding how sentence structure works and have poor grammar. Even though they may have great ideas and arguments on how to write the assignment but they are lacking the ability to put it in proper form where readers can fully understand what they are trying to explain.

5. Time constraint: Not every student has the luxury to study full time without any disruptions in their daily life. Majority of the students have to balance their academics with family, friends, and work. This puts tremendous pressure on students and because of this, students find it challenging to put the adequate time to do well on their assignments. Not every writing assignment can be done within a few hours; some assignment requires days or weeks.

6. Burnout: Students are exhausted from school. The learning curve is steep and students find it difficult to absorb all the information that their professors throw at them in class. As a result, student feels burnout. The consequences of this are that students will become tired, demotivated, and are no longer interested in fulfilling their academic obligations.

How Can First Class Assignment Help:

Affordable: When you are using our writing help service, you can be certain that we will never over charge or will there be any surprising fees that you need to pay after. The quote we provide you is the amount that will be charged. Even if you do not give us bulk work, we will always do our best to provide you with the lowest possible price. Our objective is to build our brand as the leading writing help company with the cheapest rates. We understand that as a student, every penny counts. Our goal is to provide the best quality for our students at the most reasonable price in the industry.

Guaranteed on time delivery: First Class Assignment has built a paramount reputation in the writing help, industry for students across the globe. Till date, we have helped students write over 12,000 assignments and this number continues to grow exponentially. We have had no complains and had always delivered work on time. To prove this, we even have a policy where if we fail to meet the deadline for your writing assignment, we will issue you a full refund; no questions asked. This is our promise to you. We take our “writing help” services with due diligence.

24/7 support: We will never leave you hanging. We understand how frustrating it can be if students want to follow up on the work in progress, have additional materials that needs to be sent to the expert to factor in, or revisions that are required. At First Class Assignment, your satisfaction is our absolute priority. Students can contact us at anywhere and anytime via our communication channels such as email or live chat. We have customer service representatives that are on standby 24/7 and are ready to assist you. If it is by email, our policy is to respond within 24 hours from when the email was sent to us. You can be sure that we will address all your concerns.

Guaranteed plagiarism-free: When it comes to writing help services online, the greatest fear that students face is plagiarism. When you use our “writing help” services, you can be certain that there will be no plagiarism detected. While other companies guarantee plagiarism-free writing services, many do not send 3rd party plagiarism detection reports. At First Class Assignment, we will send you a Turnitin report at your request, to prove to you that there is no plagiarism detected. We want you to keep a peace of mind when it comes to this. We want you to experience the luxury of no worries or stress on your mind when you use our writing help service.

We cover all subjects: Unlike other companies, First Class Assignment pride ourselves as the champions in writing help services. We have experts from all disciplines ready to assist with your writing needs. Far too many companies in this industry only cares about making a profit and not reinvesting the profit into hiring experts of different disciplines. We do things differently. We believe that we should always be on the lookout for innovation and hiring the best writers in the industry. We want students who use our writing help service to experience the absolute best from start to finish.

Award winning professional writers: First Class Assignment has employed the best writers in the industry. We have Masters and PhD writers of all disciplines. Some of our writers were award winning lecturers and teacher assistants who were markers. Our writing team has many years of experience and knows what it takes to achieve top grades on your writing assignments. Don’t hesitate anymore and send us your writing assignments for a quote! You are just one step away from achieving top grades.

100% secure payment processing and confidential: We take your privacy extremely seriously. We will never sell your information to anyone nor will we let others know that you have used our service to boost grades. We accept credit cards, PayPal, and E-transfers as payment options. Students have lots of flexibility when it comes to payment. The information collected will only be retained for our own records and we will never share the information retained with anyone unless requested by law. Many students compliment our easy payment process and flex payment option plays where students are allowed to pay 50% of the amount for the first half of the assignment and the remaining 50% payment later afterwards. This flex payment option has been proven a successful system and we will continuously innovative new payment structures. We only have one goal and that is to ensure that students who use our writing help service to be completely satisfied with our work.

Top quality: At First Class Assignment, our professional writers will only follow your instructions. Whatever instructions and/or grading rubric you have given to us is what our writers will follow when writing the assignment. There are too many companies out there that doesn’t write according to the grading rubric which compromises the quality of the contents which may result in a poor grade. When you give us our assignment, you can be certain that our writers will treat the assignment as if it is their own. Our professional writers were once students so they know exactly what is to be expected in order to achieve top grades. Our goal here is to ensure that you have a peace of mind when using our writing help service.

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