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“Write my essay for me” is the most frequently searched words for college and university students. Studentsoften underestimate the difficulty and the amount of assignments that accumulates, which require long hours and properplanning. Many students struggle with the planning stage – how to structure the essay and how to write the essay.

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Before students can start writing the essay, there is one step that needs to be done. This is to read and to understand the topic thoroughly through proper research. Regardless of type of essay, research is very crucial because this will dictate the strength of your arguments. Students will never be able to score high grades on their essay if they cite quotations from only one primary source. Students must turn to secondary research quotations and learn how to link the facts with their primary quotation arguments.

Writing an essay is actually a very difficult task whether you are in post secondary or graduate school. Students need to dissect the information, perform immense research to ensure that arguments provided are strong, and to stay within the word limit. This is no easy task at all. Further, students have poor understanding of the different types of essay and their main purpose which leads to a poor essay because it is off topic or not hitting the points.

First Class Assignment is one of the most trusted brands in this industry providing the best “write my essay for me” service to students from all academic levels. We pride ourselves by providing affordability to students. We understand that as a student, it is important to manage your finances well and that additional spending certainly requires second thoughts. For this reason, we have developed a flex program where we give the option for our students to put an initial 50% deposit and upon receiving half of the assignment; they can then pay the remaining 50%. Students always opt for this option there is an advantage to this. Students are able to see the quality work that we’ve did so that they can feel at ease knowing that our work is done according to the highest level of standards.

Some of The Benefits of Using Our “Write My Essay For Me” Service:

  • Students can learn how our experts structured the essay using appropriate academic style
  • Students are able to dissect where to find external research content (many students don’t know the secret source that we can share through our references from the essay!)
  • Students are able to learn how we linked our external research with primary arguments in order to strengthen the argument that can fully convince readers
  • Students are able to use our essay as a study guide to write better essays in the future and/or final exams
  • Students are able to understand the topic better and have an idea of what is a great essay
  • Students are able to enhance their understanding of the techniques to research, reasoning skills, presentation and citation formats, and how to implement graphical presentations to the assignment if applicable
  • Essays are 100% written from scratch which guarantees no plagiarism
  • A significant boost in confidence level

One of the most important purposes of the essay is to grab the reader’s attention. In order to do this, the essay must be presented in a way that is catchy and the flow of the essay is easy to follow. Many students are unable to set the flow of the essay and this is why students are unable to achieve top grades on their essays. Whether or not the reader becomes confused or not depends on the flow and the structure of the essay. You should keep your thesis statement clear and easily noticeable and use lots of transition words to guide the direction of the essay to the reader.

Tips on how to properly present your essay:

  • Pay attention to the margins and layout requirements on the grading rubric
  • Stick to the word count limit! Far too many students assume that the marker will be lenient on this even if it is slightly over. Don’t lose this easy mark!
  • Edit the essay at least 3 times to ensure that grammar, punctuation and spellings are right: Edit the essay yourself first, then 2 other different editors. Better yet, let one First Class Assignment’s PhD editors edit your essay to avoid complications!
  • Sort your references in alphabetical order
  • Always set your font to the standard size 12 and Times New Roman
  • Highlight headings bold, and any essential terminologies bold or italics
  • If applicable, use bullet points
  • Ensure that you have both primary and secondary quotations in your essay

Another important reminder here is that font size should always be kept at the standard norm, 12. Sometimes there may not be a word restriction on the essay but a page restriction. Students tend to change the font size to 11.5 or 11 to compress the number of pages to without compromising content. Folks, please don’t do this. Chances are the essay is in Microsoft Word format so the marker can easily see what font size you are using.

As a matter of fact, based on our PhD essay writers who were once teacher assistants responsible for marking, this is the first thing they check before reading the essay. Don’t lose these easy marks! Our team of professional essay writers have wrote and reviewed so many essays so they know all the tricks that students try to do to save themselves time. It is precisely this reason why First Class Assignment has built a paramount reputation in the writing industry. We do things right from the start and we never take short cuts. We write with the most utmost care and quality. Each essay will be submitted to our plagiarism detector, Turnitin, to ensure that there is no plagiarism detected before we send the essay to you.

Another popular shortcut that students tend to do is use summaries online so that they can save time from not reading the required readings/literature or finding an essay that has already been done online. This is the biggest mistake a student can do because chances are you are not alone. Plenty other students are using this shortcut and using the same sources. The likelihood of you plagiarism has increased exponentially. If you can find the essay, chances are, other students have already found it. Sure, you can rearrange a few words around and etc., but the sources used in the arguments cannot be replaced. At most, you can use this essay as a benchmark but even that, we wouldn’t recommend it because you will never know if that essay was well written or not. Another problem with this is that you are limiting yourself by disabling your ability to grow your essay writing skills. If you rely on these types of methods to get through essay writing, you won’t get too far ahead.

Students need to do it the right way and learn from the very beginning. It takes time to master essay writing skills and this is precisely why students should tackle them first to make mistakes and learn from it. Better yet, the wiser students use our “write my essay for me” service to achieve top grades on all their essays and use our essay as a benchmark and template study from! Once you have a masterpiece written, you can lean the writing style, structure, and the choice of words and arguments used to flow the essay. Students reported that this was one of the most blissful experiences that they’ve experienced.

Equally as important, you should always have a works cited or bibliography. Make sure you follow the citation requirements, whether it is in APA or MLA. If you don’t know what these are you can simply search online. Remember to always sort it alphabetically and ensure that all the formatting is spot on. This is very easy to earn marks here and losing marks because of some small careless mistake will definitely give you a disadvantage. You want this part to be precise and correct so that even if you lose marks on the essay, you won’t lose as much if your works cited and/or bibliography is correct. If you can chose where to lose marks and where to earn to compensate potential marks to be lost, always be wise about it.

Last but not least, the biggest recommendation that we can give to students is to spend some time and learn from our essays. While it feels great to achieve top grades and don’t have to be stressed out about the essay, we still encourage that you learn from our writing techniques so that you can maximize your learning potential. You can definitely skip this extra step, but you will be missing out on a great opportunity. Our mission is to not only help boost your confidence and grades in essay writing, we also want to provide you value added services on how you can improve yourself as an individual and writing skills as well.

What are you waiting for? We have affordable prices, flexible payment options, team of competent essay writing experts, and guaranteed plagiarism-free. Submit your assignment to us today for a quote!

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