Tech & We Are Back!

After consolidating our emails, there were over 700 requests within the last past 10 months from previous students who had worked with First Class Assignment stating that they want to see movement within our blogs again because they found it extremely useful. So, we are back!

To start, a lot has happened in Canada. From Poloz increasing interest rates and likely more to come until it hits the normal ~3% benchmark, to legalizing marijuana and to uncertainties with NAFTA. All of this created many surprises to investors and local citizens.

Students are shy to talk about this topic but it is no question that they have been wondering what will happen next? How does the economy as a whole affect my students at university? Will the knowledge I learn from university now be transferable in the future or is this skill going to become obsolete?

If you look at the trend, there are a lot more enrollment for Computer Science or Engineering majors. #Tech is the where all the buzz are at. Do note though, First Class Assignment provides the best assignment help service for these students. Programming is not something that is easy to pickup and bear in mind that there are so many programming languages that are continuously evolving. It is no wonder why students find First Class Assignment helpful!

Moving on, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are becoming the next big thing. This trend opened a lot more opportunities for data analysts and scientists in the job market. Imagine 20 years from now everyone are using robots on a daily basis in order to continue living optimally. For instance, you wake up and a robot will brush your teeth for you while you stand or perhaps make breakfast for you while you are brushing your teeth! Many companies are moving from desktop software to cloud-based, which is another popular trend now.

That being said, students are facing immense pressure about which major within technology should I be working towards to since technology changes so rapidly. Our First Class Assignment experts recommend that students focus entirely on what they want to within technology. The simple answer is there is not a specific segment where there will be no demand. Security will always be present because it plays a core part of technology. Automation will always be in demand because this really reduces the manual efforts and costs to the company. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will continuously be explored upon in order to seek new opportunities. This leads to continuous demand for analytics analysts – in the end data dictates the direction. Everything in technology is a chain so you can be assured.

Students, remember that help is out there if you need it. Simply speaking to one of our First Class Assignment experts or letting us help with your assignments is the first step towards any success. It doesn’t matter which major you end up going into. It all comes down to your grades. It is highly recommended that you get top grades so that you can enroll in internship or co-op so that you can gain hands on experience in your field. This will allow you to connect the dots easier to see the bigger picture, which, most students are unable to do if they do not have this working experience opportunity. Fresh new grads will be fighting for all the entry level positions and even though technology is big and that a lot of gigs are coming up all the time demanding new roles to be fulfilled, competition is still there. You need to standout and in order to do that, having that key experience on your resume really puts you at the spotlight.

First Class Assignment prides themselves as the champions of assignment help service. We take great pride into our solutions and our tutors are trained to write solutions in a very simplified manner where students can follow and use it as a study guide. After all, it is only wise to learn from the best of the best. Students often report that the higher grades obtained through the help of First Class Assignment has increased their confidence for their midterm and final exams. What are you waiting for?