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First Class Assignment has years of experience in helping students achieve the highest marks in their respective courses. Our formula to success is that we employ the best Statisticians in the business. These Statisticians do not only have their Masters, PhDs, but they also worked as Statisticians and university lecturers. The high caliber of our Statisticians along with their industry experience has allowed us to provide professional grade assignments by employing the most up-to-date statistical techniques that allowed us to build a proven track record of achieving the top marks for our students. Having industry experience, our Statisticians have access and experience to cutting-edge statistical software, allowing us to run the most in-depth and advance statistical analysis on your assignments, projects, or thesis. Check out the grades we’ve earned for our student here.

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Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing is the science of making decision from the data under study. Hypothesis testing is one of the most confusing topics in statistics inference since there are so many tests we could run, our choice of test depends on whether our data follows a normal distribution, sample size, what kind of hypothesis we are testing, and our method of sampling. Our distinct advantage is that our experts  are Statisticians and frequently perform hypothesis testing in their jobs. They are able to perform the most cutting-edge, accurate statistical inference techniques for your assignments, projects and thesis.

Hypothesis Statement

The null and alternative hypothesis is the opening statement of any statistical inference, it states what question we want to answer from the data provided and sets the tone of how the other steps of our statistical inference will be performed. Whether your hypothesis is for a one tail test, two tail test, testing for one population mean, two population mean, or multiple population means; our Statisticians will assist you with their in-depth knowledge of hypothesis testing.

Statistics is the discipline of obtaining information, identifying trends, and ultimately make decisions based on the data collected. The main application for statistics is to conduct statistical inference. Statistical inference is the process of answering questions about the general population based on the sample population. Hypothesis testing is the process of making decisions about the general population from the sample population.

Hypothesis testing is a five step process:

First step: Stating the Null and Alternative Hypothesis. This step states what question we want to answer from the sample data provided and sets up the subsequent steps of how our hypothesis test assignment will be performed. Whether our hypothesis test is for a one tail test, two tail test, testing for one population mean, two population mean, or multiple population means; our Statisticians will assist you with their in-depth knowledge of hypothesis testing.

Second step: Select a level of significance
Level of Significance: The probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when it is true.

Third step: Select the Test Statistic
Test Statistics: A value, determined from sample information whether to reject the null hypothesis.
In hypothesis testing for mean μ when standard deviation σ is known or sample size is large, the test statistics is the z-statistic.

Forth step: Formulate the Decision Rule
Critical Value: The dividing point between the region where the null hypothesis is rejected and the region where the null hypothesis is not rejected.

Fifth step: Make a Decision
Either reject or accept the null hypothesis.

Hypothesis testing is used in almost all STEM, social science, economics, political sciencefields; that is why most STEM, social science, economics, political science majors are given statistics assignment, hypothesis test assignment in particular. The problem is that students come to this subject with very little knowledge which is why they struggle with the statistics assignment.

First Class Assignment is the solution to your statistics assignment and hypothesis test assignment. Our Statistics PhDs had been teaching Statistics for years and is familiar with the flaws of the system. Our Statistics PhDs are award winning lecturers and knows how to approach statistics assignment, whether they are hypothesis test assignment, or probability assignment, teaching from the fundamentals assuming that our students do not have any fundamental background in statistics. This has allowed our Statistics PhDs to deliver high quality statistics assignment and hypothesis test assignment that are clear and easy to understand. This allows our students to use our solutions from the statistic and hypothesis assignments to study for their exams.

Our distinct advantage is that our Statisticians were teachers and graders for courses in Mathematics and Statistics, in particular Statistics. Since our Statisticians had graded numerous assignments, they are specialize in getting the highest grade on your calculus assignment, statistics assignment, and math assignment. They know the tricks of the trade to obtaining the perfect mark on your assignment. Your assignment will be completed from scratch by our Statisticians to ensure that each assignment is of the highest quality and plagiarism-free.

Hypothesis Testing Related Topics


  • Chi-Square Test
  • F-Test
  • Type I and II Error
  • Confidence Interval
  • P-Value
  • Critical Value
  • Power of Test
  • Significance

Regression Analysis


Regression is the most popular technique in statistical modeling because it provides a model for our data in the form of an equation
Since our Statisticians frequently perform regression analysis in their jobs, so they are able to use the most advanced regression technique such as best subset regression and present the results in a professional manner.

Regression Related Topics

  • Least Square Linear Regression
  • Polynomial Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Correlation Matrix
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • General Linear Models
  • Stepwise Regression
  • Best Subset Regression
  • R-Square
  • AIC
  • BIC



Probability is one of the trickiest subject in statistics because of all the nuances and intricacies attached to the wording of a question such as with or without replacement. Probability requires the mastery of subjects such as combinatorics, set theory, and calculus. Our Statisticians have substantial experience in this field since they have been using probability for all of their academic and professional life. Whether to use a permutation or combination, or a random variable follows a binomial or hypergeometric distribution? Our Statisticians have the answers to your all your questions.

Statistics is a tool that is applied to many fields, such as, accounting, business, engineering, computer science, marketing, social science, humanities, economics, politics, and administration. The problem arises when majors from such fields are assigned statistics assignment, or probability assignment without any statistics or probability background.

Probability is a branch of statistics that deals with the chances that an event will occur. It is based on the basic assumption that the probability an event occurring between 0 and 1. And the sum of all disjoint probability of over the sample space is 1. The study is the study of assigning a probability distribution to a random variable, and how we deal with these probabilities. There are two types of random variables, a discrete random variable which is assigned a probability mass function (pmf), and a continuous random variable which is assigned a probability density function (pdf). Probability theory is applied to everyday life in assessing risk and modelling rare events. Because of the uncertainty of real world events, assigning a probability of these events that may occur helps us to make better decisions. For example, in medical statistics, the probability of the effectiveness of a drug can help medical professionals decide which drug to administer. Another example is in finance, the probability of a catastrophic event such as an earthquake or housing crash may help investors or finance professions decide if they want to invest in a particular project. Because of the effectiveness of probability theory, it is widely used in arises of study such as mathematics, finance, gambling, biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, machine learning, computer science, political science, and philosophy.

First Class Assignment is the perfect solution for you to seek help in your statistics assignment, probability assignment in particular. Our Statistics PhDs had worked as consultants in the world of business, for government organizations and NGOs so they are extremely qualified to help you with your business statistics assignment, probability assignment, and hypothesis test assignment. Being consultants, our statistics PhDs had consulted with clients with little to no probability and statistics background. With this experience, our Statistics PhDs are able to deliver high quality solutions for your business statistics assignment, probability assignment, and hypothesis test assignment, that are easy to understand allowing our students to use those as a study guide for the exams. Our Statistics PhDs also have access and are experts with state of the art software such as SPSS, MINITAB, MATLAB, R, SAS, Python, STRATA, and Jupyter; which ensures that your assignments are completed to the highest quality and with the correct results.

At First Class Assignment, we have a dedicated team of experts with PhDs in Mathematics and Statistics to help you with your statistics assignment, math assignment, linear algebra assignment, calculus assignment, business statistics assignment, probability assignment, and hypothesis test assignment. All your assignments are completed from scratch to ensure that the solutions are original and plagiarism-free.

Probability Related Topics

  • Factorial
  • Permutation
  • Combination
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Normal Distribution
  • Exponential Distribution
  • Expectation
  • Variance
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Universal Set
  • Compliment Set
  • Random Variable


Our experts had written numerous projects and research papers in their academic and professional careers, being such our Statisticians are proficient with LaTeX and Microsoft Equation Editor.
Log both sides

These software programs allow us to display mathematical solutions in a clean and easy to follow manner as if it was written by hand.

Our Statisticians have access to the most advanced statistical software such as R, MINITAB, STRATA, SPSS, Python, Jupyter and SAS. This allows our Statisticians to run all types of statistical analysis and to double check our hand calculations computationally.

At First Class Assignments, all your assignments will be completed with the best solutions and guaranteed plagiarism-free.

Other common assignment help service that statistics students use are:

Accounting Assignment Help: When it comes to financial research in your statistics course, you have to know some accounting as well. Ultimately, you are getting your data from the financial statements so it’s important to understand how and where these numbers came from. We know that it’s frustrating for any statistics major student to understand accounting because it’s a totally different field. This is why First Class Assignment is here to help you lift this obstacle!

Financial Statistics Assignment Help: Financial statistics and financial research assignments are the biggest nightmare for any statistics major student. They need to know how to interpret financial statements, understand the most common struggled upon topic time, value, and money, and know which financial theory to use on their analysis. First Class Assignment has a team of finance PhD and Masters to help with your finance assignments.

Assignment Writing Help: It is not uncommon to see that Statistics students need this type of service. As you progress to upper Statistics level courses, there will be more emphasis on writing, specifically for those going into research. It is important that students understand the art of writing great reports where the reader can follow your work and arguments and come to an agreement with you. Students may or may not struggle with finding data sets and analyzing them to make a recommendation but, students will definitely have trouble putting the data, analysis, and conclusion together. Presentation is one of the key weakness for any statistics student when it comes to writing reports.

Other Assignment Assistance: Whether you need other assignment help services such as Economics, Business Law, Management, and any other business related courses, First Class Assignment can help. We have experts across all subjects and disciplines with a proven track record of scoring top grades for our students.

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