I am now a fourth year accounting student at University of Chicago and I am delighted to share my personal experience to the public viewers of First Class Assignment. One of the most popular question that I hear about is “Should I find a tutor?” The answer to that is always a yes, if you are struggling.

During high school, seeking help by finding a tutor was easy and effective. However, as soon as students transition to the university level, it seems like most of them lost this idea. It could be that their go-to tutor once upon a time, can no longer be their go-to tutors anymore because she/he doesn’t teach or help at the university level which means that students are often stuck in a dilemma where they need to find a new tutor. This is extremely difficult because there are so many tutor sout there that give lots of promises but how many of them are proven great? In addition, can you feel comfortable with this new tutor?

Regardless, students will proceed and try the new found tutors only to realize that it was not working well meaning that the marks didn’t increase or the difficulties still persisted hence, they give up totally. This is where student’s greatest downfall starts. When I was in my first year, I had no idea what I was doing because there were so many new concepts that I had never learned before for my financial accounting and statistics courses. My professors were not helpful; there was a lack of resources available at the university when I needed help. So, I went onto Craigslist classifieds and booked a few tutor lessons with a few different tutors but the same story holds, none of them were useful. I was still clueless and I scored poor grades for my accounting and statistics assignments and quizzes. This was when I lost faith in tutors and never looked for another one because it was a waste of time and money.

Eventually, even though I managed to pass my courses, I never gotten a satisfactory mark, it was all C-. I’ve had letters from the university stating that if I don’t maintain a C+ overall GPA for my majors in my second year, I will be prohibited from continuing my program (program warning). Without a doubt, I told myself that I will try harder next year to ensure that I don’t get kicked out of my program because it was my dream to become an accountant. The worst part is, I have to take all these non-core courses as well such as English which is a big time waster in my eyes because it is a non-core course. Still, no changes, I was getting the same C- to C on my courses after my first semester in year 2. At this point, I am starting to think to myself, the only option left is to score extremely high grades for my second semester in order to stay in my program. I spent a lot of time reading forums and blogs on how students overcame the similar obstacle that I have and eventually I found my way to First Class Assignment.

This was the turning point of my university life. I gave my first managerial accounting assignment which was worth 10% to First Class Assignment as soon as the professor announced this assignment. They quoted me $150 which I thought was pretty reasonable. I got the assignment back 2 days later even though I told them the deadline was 2 weeks later. I was extremely impressed with their work because the solutions were very detailed and it wasn’t complicated to follow how they derived their conclusions and not to mention, I got A+ on it! I spent some time to read my textbook and the examples shown in it and try to make the connection with the solutions from my assignment. Slowly, I was able to grasp the concepts and I was able to redo the assignment and similar questions in the textbook flawlessly. This really motivated me into putting more hours to study and built my confidence. Eventually, I gave all my accounting assignments to First Class Assignment to do and repeated the similar procedures in studying their solutions after. From second semester in year 2 till now, I’ve managed to get all A’s in my courses. Not only did I manage to stay in my program but my overall GPA is now an A.

Folks, if there is anything that I learned and recommend, never give up on seeking help. First Class Assignment literally saved my life. They managed to help me stay in my program, boosted my GPA, and built my confidence to a whole new level.