This is one of the most talked upon debate right now for students and professionals in 2017 and this will only become more popular in 2018. Every year, we see the tech industry booming. Ironically, we also hear that there will be a tech bubble sometime down the road. This debate frustrates students who are in the process of choosing their majors whether to pursue in tech-related majors or traditional business related majors such as Accounting. After all, tech-related major enrollment rates have sky rocketed over the past few years. Surprisingly, we see less enrollment in Business. Why is that?

Students often believe that the traditional business route acts as a safety net against unemployment, regardless whether or not the economy is doing well or not. This is because no matter what, businesses will continue to run and there will never be shortage of jobs in this field, particularly Accountants. The reason why students can conclude that this is true is because all companies are required to file taxes every year and there is no escape from this. Of course, there will be audits as well because not every company will conform to the tax rules and will then be audited.

However, what students are not aware of is the fact that automation is taking over the world! Yes, this includes accountants. Developers are now capable of automating lengthy tasks through numerous programming languages and because of this; there will be less demand for accountants, or even analysts. Coding will remain popular for the next few years but what is really booming now is, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Soon, we will have robots that will replace your job because they will be just as intelligent as you are and are capable of working at a much more efficient rate. Humans tend to get tired and can only work for “x” amount of hours a day. But, robots can continue to work until their maintenance period which maybe weekly or even monthly. Alibaba, China’s giant e-commerce company, already incorporates robot for their warehouse labour thus reducing numerous amount of labour workers needed. This in return saved costs and improved efficiency.

The introduction of robots are already a confirmation that software and security will never become obsolete; so no tech bubble! These facts can definitely offend people but we have to adapt to change and accept reality. This is why the popular debate whether or not the tech industry will continue to boom is one of the most talked about debate today.

On the other hand, because students are aware of this they have become eager to enroll in tech-related majors and have the mindset that they will graduate and become employed in no time. This is actually very valid thinking because the number of business jobs have dropped sharply and have become highly competitive. Tech jobs on the other hand are in high demand and not only are there any shortage these jobs, it is growing exponentially!

Regardless, students must first graduate, which is the hardest part. While students may show keen interest in tech courses, they often do extremely poorly in Math and other subjects that are required to pass, in order to obtain heir Bachelor’s degree. These are often referred to as electives. The problem is that there will always be Math behind logics in Computer Science, and this is a key area. Students often struggle with their Math assignments such as Discrete math and Calculus. Because of their poor math background, this may also jeopardize their Computer Science grades on their Computer Science assignments and exams. Further, essay writing is a very popular assignment given from other elective courses. Students often seek help essay writing because it is very difficult to master.

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