Canadians are raging after hearing about the federal budget allocations for the upcoming years. The biggest problem that Canadians face is the public transit tax credit that will be fully removed from the system. Canadians were allowed to take up to 15% of the total annual amount for transportation costs as a tax credit to reduce their taxes payable, which was obviously a great perk to have. However, with this gone, Canadians now have to scramble for other deductions in order to pay less tax. An average commuter, whether it is a student or a working professional, spends roughly $15 a day in a big city like Toronto, which is equivalent to $300 a month, and $3600 a year. The taxpayer would’ve saved $540 in taxes if this tax credit wasn’t omitted. It is very controversial because Justin Trudeau encouraged the idea of investing more public transit so that people can opt in for this option to control pollution and traffic issues. But with this tax credit gone, it discourages Canadians to use public transit.

Further, Canadians are also frustrated by the fact that $279.8 million is being spent on temporary foreign workers program over a span of five years along with the $279.8 million over five years for temporary foreign workers program. One of the biggest problems that Canadians face right now is unemployment! Canadians are absolutely disgusted by this because first of all, we are already in a deficit and every dollar must be carefully used into areas where it benefits Canadians, not other foreign countries. Sure, Canadians prides itself as one of the most respectable countries in the world but what Justin Trudeau needs to do first is help Canada and its sluggish economy and its high unemployment rate. It is hard enough for Canadians to get become employed and now we have to compete with these foreign workers. Brilliant idea!

Not to mention, housing prices are off the charts especially in areas such as Toronto. Many Canadians are barely able to meet its monthly expenses. Canadians were hoping for a budget that will ultimately improve the economy, creating more jobs, and cooling the housing market. Here, Justin Trudeau is spending significant amounts on help foreigners rather than its own citizens. This is a great joke. It may actually be better if you are a foreigner living in Canada. Canadians were hoping for the increase in taxable capital gains to combat the rich and to cool the housing prices but, that didn’t happen.

Brighter news, there will be $395.5 million spend on expanding the youth employment strategy over the next three years. This is possible one of the two great things that the budget has revealed. This will definitely help with the unemployment rate. Youth have it harder In this era because there are lack of jobs out there and even if there is a job, it is extremely competitive. Even entry level jobs now require experience. Now you may think, if you are a new graduate, how on earth can they even have experience or much experience to compete? The other brighter news is that there will be a $950 million spent over five years to support innovators and build hubs for innovation. This is a great start; at least they are allocating money for an experiment and can possibly“innovate” Canada more. However, if you look at the $3.4 billion spent over five years in areas of critical need for indigenous people, this is way too much. This allocation needs to be spending across all Canadians not just indigenous people. If the economy wants to see improvements, Canada needs to steer its direction to become a more self-dependent country by investing more money into the country and innovation. How many times have you heard foreigners come to Canada and say that “Canada is so behind in everything”?

So at the end of the day, what are Canadians hoping for now? The next election! Canadians are fuming with anger with the newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with his failures to deliver what he had promised. There was a reason why Canadians wanted Harper out because he wasn’t making great changes to improve Canada as a country so Canadians had turned to Justin Trudeau in hopes of making Canada great again. Not only this, today, Canada has revealed to the world that they are still dependent on the United States by waiting and see what President Donald Trump does over there to combat the rich and to make America great again. Seriously?

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