We all know that the tech industry is big whether it is in Canada or global. Tech companies are trying to make Virtual Reality the new trend and immense amounts of money are being poured into Artificial Intelligence in hopes to successfully innovate and create a robot that can help benefit society by automating tasks.

The whole world but specifically Canadians all use Snap Chat, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social apps. It is almost impossible to go on a day without opening one of these apps at least once in a full day. This is pretty much how Canadians keep track of any updates made by their friends, family, and the news. Technology is constantly advancing and it is difficult for regular consumers to keep up with it yearly because there are just so many products with new features that come out. It is no wonder why tech companies are so financially strong! Not only this, it is everyone’s desire to enter the tech industry now. Full time employees are taking coding and other related tech night classes after work in hopes to learn all the required skills to job hop. The enrollment rates for computer science program for both college and universities have increased exponentially. They are even raising the bar for acceptance and to stay in the program because there are just too many students in the program! So you ask yourself, why is this the case?

It is very simple, if you do the comparison, it is not hard to realize that the salary for tech-related positions pays so much better and there are more opportunities in the tech industry because it’s always in demand and rapidly changing! Job satisfaction is a huge one too because there will always be new projects and meaningful work. Remember in the tech industry, what worked yesterday may not work today so in order to stay competitive employees are constantly on the move thinking how to outplay their competitors. This is a great challenge and feels very satisfying when goals are achieved.

The bad news is that there will be an explosive number of graduates coming out and entering the tech industry in the upcoming years which means that fighting for that great salary tech-related position will become more competitive. Fortunately, there will still be a lot of job openings as tech industry is doing extremely well and is growing rapidly. Lots of students are interested in specializing data mining, artificial intelligence, security, or coding so it’s not like there is only one specialization available for computer science jobs in the market.

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