Hiring managers often mention, “Experience is king” when it comes to applying for a job. Now you are wondering why no one has ever mentioned that to you before when you were in school. Some of the questions that you may ask are how can I have experience when I just graduated or why does an entry-level position require so much experience?

The world is constantly changing, technology is evolving, and most certainly, job requirements are changing. Students are frighten about their careers when it comes to job hunting. They’ve spent so much time and energy during their graduate or post-graduate years only to find out that they are missing one key requirement to become employed, experience! Now you may think why I did not find a part-time job to accumulate experience before. While this may be true, and I am sure this crossed you mind, society has taught us to neglect such common sense thinking.

Society has shaped us into thinking that as long as we have our degree; recruiters will come looking for us. For honorable students, they assume as long as they have top GPA’s, big firms will come looking for them instead of the student looking to become employed as they often hear the similar marketing scheme “recruiters will come to your campus to look to hire top students before they even graduate”. Folks, this was once upon a time and now, even co-op students have it hard. Speaking of internship and co-op placements, because the experience word spreads so fast, the wiser students are now aware that experience is a huge factor towards employment, so they’ve decided to enroll in the internship and/or co-op programs to accumulate experience prior to graduation in order to stay competitive.

First, they have to obtain high grades to enroll in the co-op program. Once they are in, they assume they made it. Wrong! Co-op students now only have access to the co-op portal where students can apply as a co-op student to work there for a term but this does not guarantee that they will be hired. Now, when you see that rejection email from the company that you’ve applied for, you tell yourself, why? Connections is the main reason people assume. Someone else got the job because they had connections. So, how do you build connections? You are guided to these typical networking events which are a complete waste of time as companies primarily objective there is to advertise; rarely will they accept resumes. Even if they do, at the end of the night they will trash them. They will tell you to apply online which is literally not different then how you would if you didn’t go to the networking events. So, why did you even bother going and paying that networking event fee? Hope, isn’t it?

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