Summer is absolutely the best season of the year for students! Students have to endure a year before they can finally enjoy and relax with their friends, family, and etc. After a long academic year with lots of ups and downs, students can either take a break during the summer or continue fast tracking their degree by enrolling in the summer semester.

Those who chose to take a break in the summer will certainly enjoy their time until the last week before they realize they have to go back to school again. However, those who take summer school have the right mindset. The problem with students taking a break in the summer is that students have a hard time bringing the right mindset back when school starts again. They are still in the play and/or party mode which take some time in order for students to be back to their optimized school mode. Some may never be back in that mode! This really comes with disciplines and how eager the student is to graduate. For students who are taking summer school already, they are always in their optimized school mode. Not to mention, if for whatever reason these students fall behind, they are still ahead of the game because they have a cushion since they took summer school. However, the dominant reason why students should consider summer school is because they are able to graduate faster.

By graduating faster, students can come out to the real world to build connections and get that crucial earlier experience. Think about it, a normal bachelor degree takes a student 4 years to obtain. If they take summer school, they can graduate by approximately 3-3.5 years, leaving at least half a year earlier to apply to jobs. This puts you at the edge because if you think about it, employers are bombarded with resumes when students graduate. By taking summer school, you actually bypass this disaster. Unless you are a straight A+ student, the competition is fierce. Now imagine that you landed your dream entry level job half a year earlier; this means that you’ve already accumulated half a year of work experience compared to the fresh graduates which in the long run, will still put you in a more competitive position for future jobs. You hear it all the time, time is money.

Now, if you are taking summer school you might face some problems. The first problem is the lack of great professors teaching during the summer semester. No choice here but to use and enroll in the section that has the highest rated professor and study hard to get the marks that you desire. Another problem might be the challenge to balance your study/life balance during the summer. This is extremely hard because you see your friends enjoying their time of their life at their Bahamas cruise vacation but yet you are at home studying. You have to learn how to manage your schedule around school. The idea here is to think long term, keep telling yourself that by sacrificing a bit of fun time now will bring you a better future, which is true because you can be going on vacations more often later when you make more income. Head start is everything, head start in career, head start in promotions, and head start in making more income.

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