Many students struggle with essays for numerous reasons. This could be that English is not their primary language, poor grammar and sentence structures, failing conduct a thorough research, and more.

I think that the biggest problem is the planning part. Far too many students leave their essays to the last minute. An essay takes time and requires numerous drafts to perfect. Not only that, students’ needs to read and understand the book and/or literature thoroughly in order to write a great essay. For example, taking the most commonly tested upon, persuasive essay, how can students expect to write a well-written persuasive essay if the student don’t understand the book thoroughly? How can they convince readers to agree with their thesis?

My advice would be to first read the book in advance. Take down notes after every chapter, this can be very informal and a brief summary of what happened. Make sure you highlight certain quotes that you felt were high impact and can potentially use it in the essay to prove you point. The biggest problem is that students don’t know which quotes to use and fails to deliver a strong argument to the reader which proves to be not convincing. Always ask yourself, would I be convinced if I used this quote and supplement it with external resources to prove the point?

Another important note to take into consideration is that before you write your essay, you should plan how you will write it. This means that after reading the book, making notes, and having a high level understanding of the book, what is the best thesis to talk about? You should only write a topic that you feel that you have strong support and evidence from the book and external sources so you can bridge these two together in order to deliver a high impact argument which can convince the reader that your argument is valid. Far too much students write what is easy in their minds but not supplying any quotes from the book and/or external sources to deliver a high impact argument.

In order to advance from a good to a great essay, students need to remember to use external sources to supplement their argument. Make that connection with the book quotes. Link them together so that the argument is valid. Most students fail here but students who seek help here are the smart ones. First Class Assignment has a team of English PhD experts who have numerous years of writing experience that can help you write your custom essays the way you want it to be written. This can help you study the techniques to improve your writing skills. Students who use this service score much higher grades than those who don’t. Remember, in life, there are lots of resources you can use – take advantage of it!

Further, students get so excited when they are finish writing their essay that they never proofread. They just do a quick f7 button in Microsoft Word to do a spellcheck and submit the essay to be marked. Do yourself a favor and proofread because you will be surprised how many mistakes you end up finding. By proofreading, you are also verifying that your sentences flow and the structure is paramount. Read it out to yourself to see if it flows, if you see that it doesn’t sound right, chances are it is not right. English is very ironic, just because it looks right when you write it, it may sound awkward when you say it or vice versa. Make sure that when you read and say it out loud to yourself, it all flows. In addition, use good choice of words. You don’t have to be a dictionary to do this but you can always use a thesaurus to find which words could potentially fit into the sentence better. After all, you want the marker to acknowledge that you are a good writer, something to impress them about – but don’t overdo it.

Lastly, you need to ensure that your works-cited, also known as bibliography, is cited accurately and that the sources exist! Many students make up their own works-cited because they are tight on time and need some sources there so that no marks are deducted. Well, professors nowadays actually check these sources to see if you actually did your due diligence. Can you imagine if none of your sources exist when the professor randomly checks? Correct, you have failed even if it was a great persuasive essay written. If you feel lazy or want to save time, you can always have First Class Assignment do the referencing work for you for a small fee.