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Finance is the core function of any business organization. Students often face great challenges when it comes to finance because not only do you need to be good with numbers but you also need to have a solid understanding of how the markets work in order to fully grasp financial concepts.

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Corporate Finance

This is one of the hardest areas in finance. Corporate finance deals with the sources of funding, the capital structure, the actions that financial managers make to increase the value of the stock, and any financial activities related to running a corporation. A financial managers’ main goal is to maximize the current value per share of an existing stock. This is done through using tools and analysis such as:

  • Net present value (NPV)
  • Present Value (PV)
  • Future Value (FV)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Risk & Return
  • Cost of Capital
  • Dividend Policy
  • CAPM Model
  • Bond and Stock Valuations
  • Hedging Strategies Using Derivatives

There are so many tools that could help a company to make the best decision, the difficulty lies with choosing the most relevant tool to reach that conclusion.

Corporate finance is one of the most difficult branches of finance. It consists of activities related to running a corporation and its focus is to maximize the shareholder’s value through financial planning. Financial managers often face great difficulty in find the optimal solution to manage the company’s finances. Some of the problems that financial managers faces are whether or not to make capital investments, if the capital should be sourced by debt or equity, what debt to equity ratio to maintain, and how to manage short-term liquidity.

Students struggle with corporate finance because not only do they need to be good at calculations,they need to have a strong understanding of how the markets work. Students also have trouble with financial vocabulary because the textbooks define them with legal terms that are very confusing. Aside from this, they also need to know accounting, financial statements in particular. Finance students have difficulty with accounting and vice versa, which leads to frustrations when tackling finance assignments. They need to understand the limitations of the financial statements and the applicable reporting standards that are used to prepare these financials so that they can adjust certain items to conduct their what-if and scenario analysis accurately to give a better snapshot of the real financial situation.

There are 7 types of financial instruments which include: options, bonds, forwards, futures, swaps, and discount papers. Each of these financial instruments have their own methodologies in deriving prices and this is the problem because students must know these financial instruments exceptionally in order to do well on their corporate finance assignment which is a very difficult task.

Corporate finance assignments are generally in case formats. The problem with case format is that students don’t know where to start because they are bombarded with information. Students need to integrate their knowledge in order grasp the problem in order to see the big picture and to make a decision that will ultimately maximize the shareholder’s returns. Some of the analysis that can be used to achieve this are Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), CAPM Model, and hedging strategies.

Corporate finance is very difficult subject to master but fortunately, at First Class Assignment, we have a team of experts who have their Masters and PhDs in Finance with many years ofprofessional experience in the financial industry to help with your finance assignments. We assist students with their corporate finance assignment and personal finance assignment.

Our distinct advantage is that our financial experts were teachers and graders for finance courses. Since our financial experts had graded numerous assignments, they specialize in getting the highest grade on your accounting assignment. They know the tricks of the trade to obtaining the perfect mark on your finance assignment. Your assignment will be completed from scratch by our financial experts to ensure that each assignment is of the highest quality and plagiarism-free.

Personal Finance

This area of finance deals with all financial decisions and activities of an individual including personal savings, investments, insurance, mortgages, retirement planning, and more. Planning and setting the right budgets to maximize wealth is where students struggles the most at.

As a finance major student, we know that there are other business courses you have to take such as such as business law, statistics, economics, accounting, and more. This is precisely the reason why we offer assignment help for these subjects as well! At First Class Assignment, we only feel proud and success if we are able to help our students from the start to finish.

Other common assignment help service that finance students use are:

Statistics Assignment Help: We know that Statistics and highly correlated with Finance. As a Finance student it is important to understand probability and to measure certain outcomes and/or risks. Our PhD Statisticians have been helping students from all Statistics background. Students compliment that our solutions are one of the best within this industry as we show detailed step by step solutions for students to easily grasp complicated concepts such as probability and hypothesis testing.

Accounting Assignment Help: Accounting and Finance go hand to hand. As a finance major, it is important to understand accounting because lots of financial analysis will come from interpreting financial statements. It is important to understand how the numbers on these financial statements were derived and the frameworks used in order to put the financial statements together. Finance students generally have poor accounting background and because we understand this, our PhD Accountants are ready to assist with your accounting assignments.

Other Assignment Assistance: Whether you need other assignment help services such as Economics, Business Law, Management, and any other business or non-business related, First Class Assignment can help. We have experts across all subjects and disciplines with a proven track record of scoring top grades for our students.

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