The simple answer is to keep them but most students don’t keep them which is the greatest mistake! Students spent all those long hours refining those notes to study for the final exam and now that exams are done, students don’t treasure them because either they assume that they no longer need them because either the course taken was an elective or simply because they are so thrilled that exams are over, they throw them away because they assume the concepts will be retained in their brain.

Unfortunately, you can never predict where life brings you to. A simple advice is to keep all your notes, sort them by subjects, and file them in your drawer or somewhere. Don’t just throw away your hard work! Just because you finish writing the final exam, you may still need to repeat the course again if you fail to achieve a required grade or if this isn’t the case, one day you might need to go through these notes to get an answer for something else that may be related. Remember the time when you tell yourself, I remember I did this before but I can’t recall how I did it because I threw away my notes? Do yourself a favor and prevent this mistake from repeating by storing your notes somewhere. You can certainly throw them away many years later when you graduated if you don’t need them then but because you are still a student, it is better to be safe than sorry. Saving time to reabsorb the concepts due to lost notes is the biggest time waster any student can make.

On the other hand, if the notes that you made for the courses are your core courses then, it is wise to keep them! There is a reason certain courses have prerequisites because in order for you to understand new concepts, you need to understand the foundation. Sometimes, when you are trying to understand something but you don’t know the terms of have forgotten prior concepts, you can always review these notes in order to save yourself a lot of time.

Take English for an example, if you are writing a 5 paragraph essay on your selected topic and you have an idea of exactly how to write it but you have forgotten the format of the 5 paragraph essay for this specific English Assignment; you can refer back to your previous notes from the previous English course to see how it is structured. Because you made great summary notes, you will quickly notice that there is an introduction paragraph, 3 arguments, and a concluding paragraph. This example is rather simple, but you get the idea. Now, can you imagine if you threw away your notes and you have to go online to research? Not only are you wasting more time but there is another problem. What you research online may not necessary be accurate and applicable to your specific course because there are tons of irrelevant information online that you can take away.

Not only will these notes help you graduate at the undergraduate level, they can be useful if you decide to proceed with graduate school or if you are writing a professional chartered exam. Most of the questions on the professional exams are very similar to what you were tested on during university. The structure and difficulty might be slightly different but the concepts stay the same. Having your notes could mean that your chances of passing are higher because you have a head start among the other students who didn’t keep their notes and had forgotten everything. Again, in order to understand the concept thoroughly you must have a strong foundation. You can’t expect to solve an algebraic function if you forgot know how to add or subtract. That’s where your notes come in handy, can easily refresh your memory.

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