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Whether students are in high school, college, or university, students are bound to bear high workload, especially assignments. If the student is an international student, this is even more challenging because the tuition fees are three times as much as domestic students. On top of this, the international student needs to study even harder to play the catch-up game because English is not their native language. This really makes student’s lives miserable! Among the high assignment volume, essay writing is one of the most common assignments for a student at any stage of their academics. Students usually fail here and seek essay writing services from professional experts.

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Who can help me with my essays? First Class Assignment definitely can! Students who are looking for professional writing services to help with their essays will come across First Class Assignment. Here, our professional writers will provide you essay help across all subjects in high school, college, and university. We can write for postgraduate students as well! First Class Assignment is the only full service essay writing service provider with the utmost quality. We have already established a trustworthy reputation which sets us apart from other online writing service providers because all your essays are written in house by our team, never outsourced. This is how we control quality. Your essays are written by our PhD and Masters experts who have numerous years of professional writing experience. Many of them were once teacher assistants or professors at college and universities. When you use our “essay writing service” at First Class Assignment, you can ensure that you will be getting the “best essay writing service” there is in the industry.

You can simply visit our website and send us your assignment to get a free quote. Whenever you feel that your grades are at stake, don’t hesitate to ask our experts for advice and assignment assistance. First Class Assignment is the one stop solution for all your academic needs. We offer assignment help for numerous subjects including but not limited to:

  • English Assignment Help
  • Business Law Assignment Help
  • History Assignment Help
  • Philosophy Assignment Help
  • Psychology Assignment Help
  • Management Assignment Help
  • Economics Assignment Help
  • Accounting Assignment Help
  • Statistics Assignment Help
  • Assignment Writing Help
  • Other Assignment Assistance

With First Class Assignment’s aid, you don’t have to worry about those frightening essays anymore because our experts can provide you with the highest quality essay assignment assistance for every subject and topic.

Help From Our Masters and PhD Professional Writers

Now you might be wondering, who is writing my essays? First Class Assignment employs the most qualified writers in the industry. Our team holds the largest Masters and PhDs writers who were graduates in North America from reputable universities such as University of Toronto, Waterloo, Harvard, and etc. Many other companies out there claims that they have PhD writers but these writers are not graduates from reputable universities. We didn’t become the “top essay writing service” for free, we invested significant amounts to hire the most qualified writers in the industry to help with our students. We believe in one thing: quality.

To give you an idea why types of essay we provide, here is a list including but not limited to:

  • Persuasive essay writing
  • Expository essay writing
  • Research essay writing
  • Compare and contrast essay writing
  • Custom essay writing
  • Narrative essay writing
  • Other essay writing

Once you use our essay writing service once, you will never need to look for another essay service provider for your essay assignments. We’ve written over 8000 essays for our students across different subjects and there was never a case where our student was not satisfied with our work. Our experts will gladly provide revisions for a fraction of the price until the student is completely satisfied with our work. You can visit our website and read some of the testimonials and the samples page to see what grades students receive after using our assignment help service. As we’ve mentioned before, we only believe in quality. This is what generated our goodwill over the years and what set us apart from other companies.

Why Chose First Class Assignment?

Professional Masters and PhD writers from North America:As mentioned earlier, we only employ the best writers who were graduates of reputable universities such as University of Toronto, Waterloo, Harvard, Stanford and etc.

Original essays:First Class Assignment provides you with all original essays written from scratch by our professional writers to ensure that quality is met with no plagiarisms. All our writers are extremely careful and will always use references.

Adherence to guidelines: Each essay is written according to your instructions and the grading rubric hence, you can only expect top grades. Your essay will be within the word and/or page limit, have sufficient references using either APA or MLA, and whatever the guidelines are to achieve top grades set in the instructions.

On-time Delivery: You can expect your essay to be delivered on or before the expected due date that you’ve given to us. If you don’t, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked. Our writers take your essays extremely seriously and are punctual.

Affordable Prices:This is student’s greatest concern and we’ve accounted for this. We understand that as a student, finances are tight. This is precisely why First Class Assignment has the lowest market price. Our mission is to help every student that needs help because we sincerely believe that every student should have this right and opportunity to.

Tips on How to Avoid Plagiarism:

This is a topic that most students ask us about and we’ve decided to offer a few hints and tips. In order for essays to be plagiarism-free, information taken from another author must be referenced accordingly. Students can rephrase the information in their own words too. The consequences of being caught plagiarism is severe which includes suspension, expels, and fines/penalties. Not only this, it is a serious ethical offense where you can potentially lose all respect from your classmates, professors, friends and families, and more. The more lenient consequences of plagiarising are receiving a fail grade on the essay, professor telling you to rewrite the entire essay, and academic probation. In other words, you’ve just wasted your time and didn’t get the result that you desired for.

The best tip we have for you, cite your work! When in doubt, cite your work or rephrase it. Make sure you know which referencing style to use, APA or MLA citations. This can be found in the instructions set by the professor’s guidelines. Don’t be lazy about citations because this can really break you if you are caught guilty of plagiarising; don’t take risks. Some common mistakes we see that students repeat to are submit someone else’s work such as their friends who’ve taken the course from past semesters or changing it slightly. Chances are the essay has already been uploaded into Turnitin, a third part plagiarism detection software the professors use. If you use the same essay, you are going to get flagged right away. Even if you change the words slightly, it’s not going to work because the references used were already used once.

You can surely read past essays relating to the topic to see how others wrote the essay and to generate an idea. You should always conduct your own innovative research. One of the top reasons for plagiarism is due to inadequate research work. To avoid such circumstances, students should learn to find unique sources by using the internet and libraries. These will help further your research skills, and new ideas and thoughts will surface upon new findings. This will keep your essay original. When there are very little resources to use and rephrasing sentences is the last option to avoid plagiarism, use synonyms. Synonyms will completely change the theme and presentation of the essay.

First Class Assignment is committed in helping you succeed in your courses. Students typically use our essays and assignment solutions as a benchmark to help them study and prepare for their midterm and final exams. We get lots of compliments that our solutions are the most detailed and easiest to follow given that our experts are trained to write them step by step. We trained them to do this because we understand that the entire reason why you have entrusted your assignment for us to do is either time constraints or you simply lack the knowledge and want to learn from an expert. Our solutions are presented in a way where students can learn from them without any difficulty or need prior knowledge to understand them. Not only this, we are available to assist with any further questions that students may have in regards to the solutions. Our assignment help service at First Class Assignment is full service meaning that we will walk through the student from the start to finish. Our goal is to ensure that the student is absolutely satisfied with our work and to maintain our goodwill. This is how we built our reputation, entirely based upon trust and quality.

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