You pour your heart out into words that you’ve strung together into an essay with an impending deadline. Now, you just need someone who will make sure that your write-up is in top shape and ready for submission — someone who is keen to double check your work for you. But what service do you turn to? An essay editing service or an essay proofreading service?

In this article, we will settle the difference between the two post-writing services: Essay proofreading and editing once and for all.

After we go through each of these, you will find out which specific type you need. So, you can make a more guided decision based on your needs and get the best results from your work.

What you’ll learn here doesn’t just apply to essays — but also to any academic papers, books, business letters, documents, and even ads;basically any piece of writing you can think of. Yes, even this article.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

So, What is Copy Editing?

Copy Editing is the process that addresses the quality of the content that you write. It involves making sure that you are using the right words, the appropriate tone of voice, the right expression, the right language and correct facts all throughout your article.

It pays attention to how you’re expressing your message to your readers, how they’ll feel when they’re reading your article so that you can create the maximum impact.

When you take on an essay copy editing service, you can expect that person to check and make the appropriate changes to the following aspects of your writing:

  • The Consistency of Message and Flow of Your Ideas. Often, when you are writing about a focused topic, you become excited. You might have too many ideas and when writing, they are everywhere. You might not noticed that you are no longer making sense to your audience! Having someone do your essay editing service can help you maintain a good flow of ideas without overwhelming your readers.
  • Usage of Appropriate Words. The right words can make all the difference from a disaster to an achievement. Remember the last time you tried to use a word you thought sounded fancy, but used it inappropriately? Yikes. Having a good copy editor will make sure you save yourself from the embarrassment.
  • Usage of Proper Tone and Voice. Different kinds of writing require different tones and voices. For example, you might go with a more professional tone when writing a business letter and adopt a more conversational tone when writing a blog post. By selecting the right tone and voice, your essay would be a lot more writing more compelling to your readers.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading has more to do with your writing’s grammatical structure. When you avail of an Essay proofreading service, you can expect errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and indentation to be corrected.

Although this service requires lesser attention compared to that of an essay editing service, that doesn’t mean that it has a lesser impact on your essay. Grammatical rules are around for a reason, and that is to make sure that we are using the right language.

When you hire an essay proofreader, you can anticipate that person to correct the following:

  • Errors in Spelling. Merely changing the letters of a word can spell a lot of difference to the message you’re trying to portray. For example, there is a distinction between using the word “compliment” and the word “complement”. The former expressing admiration and the latter expressing an addition. Using one in place of the other can have a completely different meaning. Your essay proofreader should be able to tell the difference and make corrections.
  • Errors in Punctuation. The proper usage of periods, commas, hyphens, apostrophes, semi-colons, colons and etc. Small errors such as the common “You’re” and “Your” mix up should be avoided at all costs.
  • Errors in Format/Indentation. Have you ever seen a document or read an essay with no stops or spaces? It just seems to go on and on, and before you know it, you’re already getting a headache at the first few sentences. Having the right spacing, stops and indentation means a lot to the readability of your essay.

How Are They Different?

To sum it all up, the main difference between an Essay proofreading and editing service is their focus. A copy editing service focuses more on the content while a copy proofreading service focuses more on the grammatical structure of your writing. The former is involved in the inner workings of your writing while the latter is more concerned with polishing.

Which One Should You Choose for Your Essay Assignments?

So, now the question stands: which one of the two services do you need? This is a question that can be answered best by how much confidence you have in your writing ability.

If you feel like you’re making a lot of mistakes in choosing the right words or If you feel like you’re not creating a sound argument in your essay, then you should consider both an Essay proofreading and editing service.

Having someone to copy edit your essay for you is like having an additional layer of protection before you submit your essay. This will ensure that all the information presented makes sense and that you are using words that are a good fit for the essay assignment. Thereby increasing your chances of producing a high-caliber essay and achieve top grades!.

On the other hand, if you believe your essay is already well written and just need someone to double check on your grammar and spellings, then you would only need an essay proofreading service. By doing so, you smooth out all the rough edges on your piece. You’ll be more confident that you aren’t making any embarrassing errors.


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