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The answer is simple. If you want to score top grade on your paper, you need to be confident that the paper you are submitting is 100% original. Only by using First Class Assignment’s free plagiarism checker, you can truly feel assured. Once you submit your paper to the professor, the first thing that they will do is to verify if there are any plagiarized material within the paper and if there are, the likelihood of you getting a great mark is extremely low. Guess what? We have the exact same plagiarism checker tool that they use!

When students write their papers, unintended plagiarism can happen. Of course, there can be typos or mistakes that students can catch after doing a self or peer review to ensure that there is no plagiarized content however, there are a lot of students out there that may be using the same sources as you and as a result, duplicated contents can happen unintentionally which will indicate that your paper is not original. This is why you should use our plagiarism detector as the grand master tool for your paper to feel 100% assured that you have no plagiarized content!

Not to mention, there are other consequences for plagiarism that are set out by your school, college, or university. Some colleges and universities actually treat these as criminal offences and you can get suspended from pursuing your diploma or degree! You should never take this risk!

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