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One of the most feared topic for any student of all academic levels is to write an essay. If you are a student who is experiencing tremendous stress and is having problems with writing an essay, then you are not alone. There are plenty of reasons why students struggle with writing an essay. Fortunately, First Class Assignment offers essay assignment help to students at a reasonable price! We have a team of Masters and PhD professional writers who have years of experience in writing all types of essay. Our team is capable of writing outstanding papers even if you submit your assignment last minute.

How Our Assignment Help Services Work

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What differentiates us among our competitors is that we don’t outsource it to other writers because we feel that quality could be an issue. Your essay is done within our team exclusively. This allow us to ensure that your essay is done with the highest level of quality. Further, we selectively pick an expert who is a specialist in your course to write the essay. For instance, if you need to write a psychology essay, we will give your assignment to one of our psychology expert to write it. We are willing do one step more!

Your essay will be written from scratch and meet all the requirements based on the grading rubric and your instructions. When you let us write your essay for you, you can be certain that your essay will be original, plagiarism-fee, and written with utmost care. We written over 10,000 assignments and there was never a time where students complained about plagiarism or poor grades. Your essay will be checked twice with a 3rd party anti-plagiarism detector, Turnitin, before we send them to you. We pride ourselves as the most trusted brand within this industry.

Why Do Students Need Essay Assignment Help?

1. Time Constraints: Students come from a diverse background. Some are already adults working full time and are taking courses to either upgrade their skills and knowledge or going through a career change. Some students work part-time for side income in order to sustain their living expenses. Either or, students don’t have the necessary time in order to write a good essay.

2. Poor Grammar Skills: Even though English is the primary language across the globe, students have difficulty writing English. The root of the problem is due to poor grammar which leads to poor sentence structure and flow. While the student might have great arguments and ideas but it is not enforced by proper structure which allows the reader to acknowledge that the argument is valid.

3. Lack of Interest: Some students aren’t majors in English hence they have no interest in doing well in the course. All they want is a passing grade so they can advance to the next stage in the academics. The problem with this is that students are not motivated to begin with and this contributes to poor grades. Ultimately, the key to writing great essay comes with practice and if students aren’t proactive in trying to become better at essay writing, top grades is very distant.

4. Information Overload: Students are bombarded with information and don’t know where or how to start the essay. They have problems with choosing the thesis and finding sufficient arguments to prove their points because they don’t have the ability to dissect critical information from the whole.

Typical Structure of an Essay:

Introduction – This is where the thesis statement can be found and it maps out what the essay will be explaining.

Main Body – This part consists of two or more paragraphs that provides ideas and arguments with examples from the primary or secondary source.

Conclusion – The summary of the main points and arguments can be found in this section.
Students are very well aware of this type of structure for an essay. The hardest part is the main paragraph because students have difficulty understand the materials and finding valid argument points to prove their opinion and thoughts. On top of that, student are constantly faced with restrictions such as word limit and specific references that students must use such as APA or MLA formats.

Services Provided by First Class Assignment and Common Pitfalls for Each Type of Essay:

Analytical Essay: Students struggle with this type of essay because they assume that this is a summary type of essay. In fact, this essay is not a summary. This type of essay concentrates on how the book or poem is written and requires students to look deeper into certain parts in order to see the bigger picture.

Five Paragraph Essay: This is the typical essay that we have shown you in the above section. It has an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Generally, students score better grades in this type of essay but there are still common pitfalls that students fail to overcome. The major one is that students don’t do adequate research meaning there are little to no external citations other than the primary source. It is important to link both primary and secondary citations together and explain how it relates to your thesis. You are trying to convince the reader that your thesis is valid.

Research Essay: This is one of the most underestimated type of essay. Students feel more confident doing this because they can simply research a topic and manipulate the facts to support their chosen topic. This may be somewhat true but the biggest problem that students face with this kind of essay is that because there are so much information, students fail to state the specific problem in their thesis. This leads to poor analysis done to support their arguments. It is not presented in logical manner where the reader can easily follow what the student is trying to prove. Further, students may decide to incorporate data sets to prove their points in the appendix section. However, what they don’t do is perform calculations to justify their reasoning! Without proper reasoning, the data is completely useless but students often think they already exceeded the expectations by providing some data without analyzing it.

Compare and Contrast Essay: This type of essay requires the student to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between two or more things. The problem with this essay is that students make it more complicated then it is because they narrow themselves with one deep research for an argument which disables them from thinking about the big picture to present other meaningful arguments that are required to achieve top grade. Thesis statement is very significant in this type of essay and it should state exactly what is being compared and contrasted with. Students present the reader with information overload without summarizing it briefly and linking it to their applicable argument to avoid confusion.

Custom Essay: Sometimes an essay may not fit into the common types of essay. When this happens, we call this custom essay. We can help students at all academic levels with custom essays. You just need to provide us with the selected topic, grading rubric, and instructions. We will take care of the rest.

Persuasive Essay: There is no doubt here that students score poorly for this type of essay. The goal of this type of essay is to persuade the reader to agree with your point of view whether it is in favor or against the topic chosen. Students fail to provide solid evidence to persuade the reader that their point of view is accurate. Generally, students use primary and secondary sources here which is great but they are missing a crucial step, which is to throw in a real life example to support their point of view. You can never score an decent grade on the essay if you failed to do this!

Whatever the essay is and for whichever subject it may be, we can help. We have a team of PhD and Masters experts with years of experience in writing essays. When you use our essay assignment help service, you can expect plagiarism-free, top quality and grades on your essay.

Benefits of Using Our Essay Assignment Help Service:

Affordable: Not only are we one of the most trusted brand in the writing industry, we are also the most affordable one. Students compliment our reasonable quotes. We will never demand for more than what we quoted you. What we quote is the final price.

Guaranteed on time delivery: We have never missed a deadline for any student and we will ensure that this stays this way. If we fail to deliver the work to you by the expected deadline, you can expect a full refund; no questions asked.
Plagiarism-free: Our essays are written from scratch by our experts. We never recycle any essays and each essay is tailored according to the grading rubric and your instructions. We will provide all the necessary references, MLA or APA format, to ensure that your essay is free from plagiarism. Before we send you the essay, we run a check through our 3rd party plagiarism detector, Turnitin, to ensure that there is no plagiarism. We go that extra mile for you! Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you have a peace of mind when you use our essay assignment help service. Your satisfaction is our absolute priority.

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