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English is a globally accepted language and most countries across the globe use English as their official language. Most people have no problems with speaking English on a day to day basis but when it comes to formal writing, this is where people struggle with. For the most part, it is mandatory for students across the globe to study English until post-secondary. Whether English is your first or second language, students still score poorly in writing, in particular with essays. The problem is that most students lack good vocabulary, have poor sentence structures, have difficulty understanding literature readings, and problems with comprehension. All of these factors contribute limit students from scoring good grades on their assignments and papers.

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We understand how stressful it can be when you are unable to achieve the expected grades on your essays. First Class Assignment has years of experience in helping students achieve the highest grades in their respective courses. Academic writing can be difficult as it comes in different formats. That is why our formula to success is that we employ only the best writers, editors, and academic specialists in the business. Our team of experts do not only have their PhDs, but they have also worked as university lecturers so you can be sure that our writers are fully qualified to assist with your writing needs.

At First Class Assignment, you can be sure that our writers, editors, and academic specialists will conduct a thorough research on your selected topic in order to produce top quality work. Before we start, we will look thoroughly on the grading rubric to ensure that our writers nail all the points there to ensure that you will receive top grades. Not to mention, all work written by our experts is from scratch, guaranteed no plagiarism. Leave all your stress and worries with us. We can write it all for you!

First Class Assignment is the only trusted brand in this industry that you can trust and depend on!

Our English Writers Specialize in…

Expository Essay Assignment Help

This type of essay requires students to explain an issue by setting forth an argument for investigating an idea, evaluating the evidence, and to clarify the idea. Expository essays can be accomplished through discussion, analysis, comparison or story telling based on the topic. When you see the words “explain” or “define” in the essay instructions, it is certain that you will be writing an expository essay.

The problem with this type of essay is that students fail to conduct a thorough analysis of the selected topic which as a result, poor points are written in the essay leading to unsatisfactory grades.

Persuasive Essay Writing Help

Persuasive essays are designed to persuade the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view, either in favor of or against the selected topic. This type of essay uses logical reasoning and concrete evidences to support the writer’s idea to why the writer’s opinion or idea is more legitimate than the other.

While this may seem like one of the easier types of essay, most students fail to write great persuasive essays. The reason behind this is because students fail to find or use strong supporting facts to back up their argument or providing these evidences in the wrong places which as a result, makes the essay much less convincing. Remember, you are trying to persuade the reader to agree with your opinion on the selected topic, so in order to do so; strong supportive facts must be present. Also, most students fail to use a strong opening sentence which fails to hook the reader’s attention. These sentences are very important as it will dictate whether or not the reader will continue reading with their utmost attention.

Analytical Essay

This type of essay represents an analysis of a text. It is not a summary! This type of essay concentrates on how the book or poem was written. It requires the student to look at the smaller parts of the work to grasp the bigger picture.

The problem with this type of essay that students struggle with is that students often misinterpret the purpose of an analytical essay and writes a summary of the assigned text.

The Five-Paragraph Essay Help

This type of essay is the classic type of essay.

It is structured in the following format:

  • Introduction
  • Body (First paragraph)
  • Body (Second paragraph)
  • Body (Third paragraph)
  • Conclusion

While it may seem like an easy essay to write, most students still struggle with this because they fail to make the connection between the conclusion and introduction. Their topic sentences are not written to summarize the main idea in the beginning paragraphs to allow the reader to follow the arguments.

Research Essay Assignment Help

This type of essay requires students to research on a chosen topic and using the researched information to present it in the essay format.

The problem students have with this type of essay is that students fail to state what the specific problem is in their thesis. Further, their analysis to support their arguments is not realistic and presented in a logical manner. The reader must understand your argument in order to accept or reject it. Not to mention, accuracy is always the big pitfall. Students fail to research thoroughly and to plan the proper steps before writing the research essay. Researched facts must be convincing and is highly correlated to what you are trying to prove in order for the reader to accept your arguments.

Compare/Contrast Essay Writing Help

This type of essay writing is written to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between two or more things. It goes in depth in describing the differences and similarities of the selected topic to present a meaningful argument.

Students struggle with this type of essay because they make it too complicated. This type of essay should be presented at its most simplicity form as readers are able to follow the points made by the writer. A strong thesis statement is very significant here and should state what subjects are being compared and contrasted with.

Custom Essay Writing Help

Our experts are able to write custom essays on any selected topic. Simply give us the selected topic and the grading rubric and our writers will conduct a thorough research and structure the essay according to the grading rubric. When you entrust your custom essay to First Class Assignment, you can be rest assured that your essay is being done with top quality to achieve top grades! Let First Class Assignment show you why our writing services are unmatched in the industry.

Literature Criticism Help

This is the study, analysis, and evaluation of literary works. The format in doing this is in the form of a critical essay but sometimes, book reviews can also be considered. Students find this very challenging because findings of literary criticism are difficult. Students must first understand the reading in depth before being able to highlight the criticisms with paramount facts to support their reasoning. Not to mention, this will be in an essay format which means that students must be able to deliver what they intend to prove within a certain word limit threshold.

Book Report Writing Help

This is a report written to demonstrate their knowledge of a book or academic text. Generally, a good book report provides an accurate summary of the book including appropriate quotations. Students often face great difficulties when it comes to writing good reports. Some of the reasons why students don’t get good grades when writing a book report are that students don’t enjoy reading the book in the first place which limits their ability to understand the book and lack of time.

Case Study and Lab Reports Help

Case studies are common across all subjects including English, Business, Marketing, and more. Case studies are used to determine how well the student is able to apply course concepts to the real world.

Lab reports are written to present findings from a research and users read lab reports to judge the credibility and skills of the researcher. These types of reports are mainly used in Science, engineering coursework, and other professional subjects. So, if the lap report is written poorly, the reader and/or marker may doubt the entire report and/or the credibility of the research resulting in poor grades.

Case studies and lab reports are typically in the following format:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Methods and Materials
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices
  • Further Reading

Our professional writers have numerous years of experience when it comes to writing case studies. Whatever the subject is, First Class Assignment has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve top grades on your case studies. Remember, most of our writers were once university lecturers so our writers know exactly what your professor is looking for!

University / College Term Papers Help

Term papers are research papers that students write over the course of a term. This paper consists of analysis of all the course materials. It describes a concept, event, or an argument using resources and course concepts from the course throughout the semester. Both primary and secondary sources can be used and are often required.

Some of the more common term paper questions are to compare and contrast the ideas in a field of study, examining core assumptions of an idea, adding a thesis statement of an important text, and selecting from a list of course concepts and to conduct your own research to prove a point.

Whatever the term paper is asking you to do, First Class Assignment can do it all!

Letter Writing

This is the exchange of written messages whether it is written or typed. There are two types of letters; formal and informal letters. Formal letters are exchanged between businesses and/or the government. Informal letters are exchanged with other personnel s. Most business students have to study how to write formal letters during their education but many are still unable to write great formal letters. They fail to choose appropriate words and have poor sentence structure so that the reader is unable to follow with what the writer is trying to say.


This is also one of the most common services. Grammar and sentence structure are guaranteed on the grading rubric on any writing assignments and/or projects. So, why take this risk? Send them to First Class Assignment for a proof-reading service and let one of editors show you the difference in sentence structures and grammar. Most students can proof-read on their own however, the problem is their sentence structure; markers have a tough time following with what they are trying to say which leads to poor grades.

Article Summary

The goal of an article summary is to have the student read, understand, and comment on the main points and/or arguments on the article by applying the course concepts. It is often used in between lectures and modules to ensure that students are reading the course literature. Further, article summaries are not supposed to be long in length. It is usually 500 – 750 in words. You can imagine how much frustrations students face when writing an article summary given that word limit. The hardest part is to cover all the critical points within the word limit.

Let First Class Assignment help you with these difficult article summaries. Our writers have extensive experience in dissecting main points from articles to product a top quality article summary. This skill doesn’t come easy and takes massive practices. Why stress about it? Send them to us!

Need something that is not mentioned here? Send your assignment to us anyways because chances are we do them!

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