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Students who are in their final year of university or college struggles the most. Final year assignments are considered the be the most challenging assignments that a student will face in his/her academic life. It is tough because the assignments are comprehensive meaning that the materials tested are cumulative from prior years. If students didn’t master the concepts from previous courses, it will become reflective now. Assignments in the final year is meant to put the student through an ultimate test which is to test their overall capabilities before they are awarded their degree/diploma.

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Types of University and College Assignments in the Final Year:


An essay is one of the most crucial assignment for final year students, especially those who are pursuing graduate school in English-related majors. There are usually a few essays in a course which means that students need to do well on these in order to achieve their desired mark hence, students require “essay writing service“. Essay writing is not an expertise for every student because in order to master writing essays, students need to practise writing all the different types of essay in order to find a writing style that works for them. The problem is that there will only be a few different type of essay that students will be tested on in their final year and that type of essay may or may not be their strength. There are many essays such as persuasive essay, analytical essay, research essay, compare and contrast essay, and etc. There are only one thing common among all of the different type of essays and that is citations are required. We stress to students that they should always perfect the citations part because these are the easiest marks to score perfect on.

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Case Study

This is also another common assignment for students in their final year. This is the most common assignment specifically for students who are majoring in accounting, finance, business management, and researched based subjects such as social science. Case study assignments require students to do an in-depth analysis and to work within the requirements set by the professor. Students need to integrate all their skills and knowledge obtained from prior years in order to see the big picture. Cases are difficult because students are bombarded with lots of information where students need to dictate which are relevant and important to make note of. Another challenging task is when the case requires students to make a recommendation and must be supported by quantitative and qualitative analysis. So, even if students gambled the right decision, the it still requires the student to do a thorough analysis to backup his/her decisions and arguments.


These coursework can be anything from homework exercises, modules, and in-class questions/short essays that will be graded. Coursework is intended to force the student to commit to their studies and to keep them up to date with the course. If students fall behind with their coursework, it can significantly impact their knowledge and hence, do poorly on the assignments and exams. In-class short essays are typically the standard 5 paragraph essays where it will have an introduction, three supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Students are advised to make their thesis statement clear in the introduction and their conclusion a brief summary to ensure that it is clear to the reader. We encourage students to take summary notes after every exercise and modules that students complete because these summary notes will be useful when it comes to preparing for the exams.

Some of the Issues That Students Face When They Do Their Assignments

Plagiarism: Students are bombarded with information and because of this, students sometimes forget to include references. This simple mistake can lead put the entire assignment at risk for plagiarism where students will fail the assignment immediately and face university or college hearings for potential expels. When in doubt, just put the references in case! Make sure to follow the citation style set by your professor, either MLA or APA formats.

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Missing Deadlines:It is unfortunate that college and university doesn’t have a grace period where the professor can give extra time for students to submit their assignments without incurring a penalty. The general rule is that students lose 10% for every day that is passed the due date up to a maximum of a certain percentage.

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Not following instructions and guidelines: Students frequently violate instructions and guidelines on their assignments. Exceeding the word or page limit is one of the most common violation. Some students change the font size by 0.5 to 1 maintain the page limit. Sometimes students are so overwhelmed with information that they have a hard time deciding which sentences to delete in order to maintain the word limit because to the student, all the information are necessary hence, they leave it.

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Assignment Tips to Follow

Refrain from choosing popular topics: When students are given to choose a topic of their choice within a list, he/she should always go for something uncommon. According to our assignment help experts, students who follow this tip generally achieve better grades. There are reasons for this and the most dominant reason is the amount of resources available. Students who chose popular topics are frustrated by the lack of resources available because lots of other competing students have already used them. Hence, you find yourself in a difficult situation and the risk of plagiarism increases.

Make strong arguments:

While students have no problems presenting their argument, its validity is a concern. Students fail to conduct a thorough analysis to backup their arguments. A thorough analysis is one where qualitative and quantitative factors have been touched upon. This makes an argument much more stronger and the reader is likely more willing to agree with your argument.

Talk to Experts:

Students should always consult with their professors should they have any issues or need further clarifications on a matter. Better yet, connect with First Class Assignment for great advices and assignment help online. First Class Assignment is one of the most trusted brands within the assignment help online industry with full coverage on all subjects and disciplines.

It is important to keep in mind that while assignments are only a portion of the final mark, it is important to study and prepare well for the midterm and final exams as these constitute a chunk of the final mark as well. The key here is to do well on the assignments because by doing so, you are already preparing for the final exam. Take a look at the professor’s feedback after every assignment has been marked to ensure that you know what your professor expects. You should try to understand the style and expectations of your professor in order to tailor your assignments to it accordingly. Further, one of the greatest mistake that students make is to not hand in any assignments assuming that its only one and can make up by doing better on the exams. While this may be true, the amount of stress and pressure magnifies exponentially and this is poor academic practise. You should always attempt the assignments and even if you are facing time constraints, give it to one of our experts at First Class Assignment to help. At least, you will not compromise the marks. You can play the catch up game later and easier by using our solutions as a study guide. Our solutions are always detailed and broken down to simple steps where students can follow without difficulty.

First Class Assignment offers assignment help online to college and university students across all subjects. We are a full service assignment help company where we will only feel that our goal is accomplished only when you are satisfied with our work. We work with students from the start to finish. We understand that poor quality of an assignment will greatly impact the grade of the assignment which is precisely why First Class Assignment has a 3 tier quality control systems in place. The assignment completed by our assignment help experts will be reviewed twice by upper management to ensure that the quality is paramount. This means that we check to ensure that the assignment meets all the requirements in order to achieve top grades such as word and page limits, grammar and sentence structures, strong arguments backed up by citations including qualitative and quantitative analysis, and plagiarism checks through our Turnitin, a third party plagiarism detection system. Many assignment help companies can’t do what we can when it comes to quality. Your assignment will be completed by our in house experts while other companies outsources this assignment which compromises quality.

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