Students often procrastinate about how it feels like to become an A+ student. The thought of that washes all their worries away and to them, life will be perfect. The only problem is reality. In reality, students struggle with their assignments and courses. They are trying whatever they can to boost their grades but the frustrating part is, it is not working. What can I do? “If I don’t get a passing grade or maintaining a certain grade/GPA, I cannot graduate or will get kicked out from my program”. These are the most common phrases that you hear each day as a student. It sounds funny but this is the harsh truth. Students are bombarded with information and have little aid to guide them out from this difficult situation.

The first step that students take is to find a local tutor to help brush up on their concepts. They hope to find a tutor who knows exactly the concepts that they’re struggling with. Students expect these tutors to re-teach them in a more simplified process so that they can better understand the concepts to do their homework and/or assignments. The only problem is, how many of these local tutors that they need to test and trial before they feel comfortable with one? All I can say is – good luck. The worse thing that can happen which is a common scenario for students struggling are wasted money, wasted time, and feeling even more stressful after a tutor lesson because they learned absolutely nothing or the outcome was not what they are expecting. Most students give up at this point because they assume that there are no other options for them but to either drop the course or just play with luck and hope to pass or they will retake and hope they can learn from a different professor. Isn’t this quite sad to be a student?

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