A normal person on average spends approximately 18 years of his/her life studying. The journey to achieve their bachelor’s degree was not an easy one. Students faced numerous challenges with many mixed emotions before they were able to graduate. After finally being able to graduate and students often assume that the best is yet to come. Students have unrealistic thoughts where they will find a great job in their field of study and earn the expected salary that they were told they will earn in college or university when they graduate. Well, it is time to wake up. The reality right now is that many students are competing for that limited position in the workforce. Many are willing to drop their salary expectations or move to another province/country just to become employed. They realized that the piece of paper that they studied so hard to achieve is nothing more than just a regular piece of paper because to become employed in this generation, work experience matters the most.

Everyone have degrees but not everyone have the right experience that companies are looking for. Students reported that they apply to approximately 10 job postings a week and never hear any feedback from these companies except a rejection email stating that they are not the right fit for the position. Students then wonder why? They look at the job posting again, job requirements in particular, and realize that the amount of experience required for an entry level position is massive! Not only do companies expect the student to hold some sort of degree, it also requires the candidate to have at least 1-4 years of related work experience. Now students think to themselves, how can they have that much work experience when they just graduated and how can they have experience of no one hires them? Welcome to reality. In Canada, specifically in Toronto, it is one of the biggest financial districts where there are tons of employment opportunities, but why is it so hard to land a job?

There is a solution though and that solution is the most common term that fresh graduates hear about, connections. Students attend workshops and other events to network because they realize that in order to build connections, they have to attend these events whether they are a spokesperson or not. If you are one of those students who have great soft skills, good for you; you have an edge to build your network easier. But wait, school didn’t teach them these soft skills! School only taught students to study and to nurture them to have better responsibility and time management skills. Again, the harsh truth has been revealed that piece of paper that students have spent 18 years of their lives to obtain, has failed their expectations about finding a great job and earning high salaries.

Students find themselves in a dilemma where in order to become a more competitive candidate for a job, they either pursue graduate school or to volunteer to get some experience. A Masters or PhD will definitely make you stand out among the common bachelor candidates and having volunteer work experience related to your field will also bump you up. It is very frustrating and everyone just needs to accept this harsh reality and continue the grind. It is not helping that the Canadian government is favoring foreign skilled workers by allowing permits to be easier to obtain. Companies love to cut expenses and if they can hire a skilled foreign worker for less than the normal market price for the same position, they would. All in all, salaries are being pushed down and far from what you expected it to be when you were still in post-secondary.

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