This is one of the most depressing moments for any student. students put a ton of hours and effort into preparing for their midterm exam in hopes to achieve a decent grade and to move on with their academics to graduate. However, sometimes just putting the hours and efforts in are just not enough! Students are still unable to obtain the mark that they desire and are often daunted by this. Students fall into depression which leads to burnout and eventually students fall behind in their courses.

Now, here is the problem. Because you’ve become so burnout and require a bit of time before you can become productive again, the homework and assignments are accumulating which means that when you are back up on your feet and ready to work at it again, you face information overload. You have to stay on top of the new materials and catch up on the old ones. This still can be manageable if it’s a bird course that you are taking but what if you are taking harder courses where essay writing is required? Students panic because time is not in their favour. They have to do the readings and/or literatures, fully understand it, and then the student can start writing the essay. These three step process takes more than just a day to do, it can take up to weeks. The problem with college and university is that in the majority of the courses that students take, require essay writing. Essay writing is one of the hardest skill to master because it takes a lot of practise and different professors have different perspectives on what makes a great essay. Students need to learn all the different writing styles from different professors and integrate them all into their own style that works.

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