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Assignment help is one of the most talked about topics for every student. The enrollment rates for college and university have sparked over the years and there is an increasing trend that students require more assignment help assistance now. As a student, you are constantly bombarded with new information and difficult assignments with tight deadlines. This contributes to excessive stress and eventually leads to burnout. Students are unable to complete their academic obligations and have trouble finding that right school life balance which ultimately impacts their GPA.

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We believe that post-secondary should be a luxury experience, not a punishment. After all, it nurtures you into becoming a better professional as it teaches responsibility and discipline which are two key characteristics that are needed in order to be successful in your future careers.

Unfortunately, most students don’t do well in post –secondary. This is especially true for Canadian students who are attending post-secondary. “Assignment help Canada” is the three most searched words for Canadian students.

Some of the most common assignment help services we offer are:

Accounting assignment help: Students have great difficulty with writing great accounting cases. It is difficult because cases are comprehensive meaning that it has all the accounting topics involved such as financial accounting, audit, and taxes. It is already time consuming and difficult enough to prepare the financial statements but what is even harder after is to analyze these financial statements to come with a recommendation for the managers to make a great decision that will ultimately benefit the company as a whole or to accomplish certain objectives. Canadian students have it harder when it comes to accounting because the CPA process is much longer than the American CPA’s process. This is also one of the reasons why students are interested in our accounting assignment help Canada service. Regardless, our accountants are all Masters and PhD’s in Accounting and have years of experience with tackling hard accounting cases and questions whether it is ASPE, US GAAP, or IFRS standards.

Statistics assignment help: Lots of students struggle with these assignments because they aren’t able to interpret what the question is asking for and because of this, students are unsure which formulas to use. The hardest topics that students often complain about are probability and hypothesis testing. When students use our assignment help service for Statistics, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the detailed step by step solutions. Students compliment that our solutions are very easy to follow and are broken down into simpler steps which enables the student to grasp the concepts easier.

Essay assignment help: This is the most difficult thing for any student to write. When students hear the word essay, they panic. To write a great essay, students need lots of practice but given that there are so many different types of essays, it is difficult to master. Further, professors often impose harsh restrictions such as word limit which are meant to challenge the student to keep the essay short and straight to the point. Many students reported that they have trouble filtering out what information is deemed necessary and finding quotations and/or external research to strengthen their arguments. On top of this, student is required to know both APA and MLA citations and provide these references in their works cited and/or bibliography. It is no wonder why students panic when they have an essay assignment. When you give your essay assignments to our writing experts, you can be sure that the essay is done with utmost care and follows all the necessary criteria set in the grading rubric to achieve top grade. We write your essay from scratch to ensure it is original and plagiarism-free. Many students compliment us as their “top essay writing service” or “best writing service assignment” in the industry!

Math assignment help: Whether it is discrete math, Calculus, or Linear Algebra, our PhD Mathematicians at First Class Assignment can assist you. Our Math team has been helping students achieve top grades for over 4,000 math assignments. The problem with math is that there are so many expressions and the terms are difficult to memorize.

Students often report to us that they aren’t sure whether or not they are on the right track with their assignments and some professors don’t even mark the assignments in time before the next assignment is due or the exam date which leave students hanging with frustrations because they have no idea how they are doing in the course! By using our assignment help service, you are learning from the best of the best. Our experts were once professors and teacher assistants with years of experience in this assignment help industry. When you entrust you assignment for us to do, you can be certain that it will be done with the utmost quality and will meet all the requirements set forth by the grading rubric and your instructions. All assignments are done from scratch to ensure that your assignment is original and free from plagiarism.

Some common reasons why students struggle with their assignments are:

Poor time management skills: Students should never start studying and working on their assignments the week it is due. If the assignment is given to you at a much earlier date, it’s for a good reason because it is an indication on how long it should take you to finish it. Start early! The best practice is to review the lecture notes, read the textbook, and tackle some questions on the same day after your lecture. This is because the concepts are still fresh in your head and it will save a lot of time compared to studying them a few days or weeks later when you totally forgotten everything.

Lack of interest: We’ve see that students lose interest in the course because it is not mandatory but an elective course that needs to be fulfilled in order to graduate. Regardless, you still need to pass the course to move on to the next stage. Do yourself a favor and force yourself to allocate time for the assignment and this can potentially save you stress and money later in the event that you need to retake it if you failed. First Class Assignment is ready to assist with your assignments at any time!

Not looking for assignment help when students are stuck: If you find yourself stuck on a particular question and you’ve spent a few hours trying to figure it out but still don’t get it, then you should seriously seek for help. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of guidance and you will be back on your feet. We’ve seen far too many students who spend days on an issue that could’ve been resolved within minutes if they had asked. The common solution would be to find a tutor or ask your professor for some advice. The best solution would be to use our “assignment help” service. This guarantees that you will achieve top grades and understand the concepts thoroughly afterwards by studying off our solutions.

Our advice on how to do better in post-secondary:

Check your professor’s review: The greatest advice our expert can give is do some research before enrolling in the courses. If it is a mandatory course that you must take in order to graduate, chose a section that has the best professor. Now you may ask, how do I know which professor is the best? Search for your professor’s reviews at These reviews were written by past students who had the professor in their class. This will give you a great indication of whether the professor is good or not. Enroll in the section that has the highest rated professor.

Time management: Another advice will be to enroll in the morning and early afternoon classes if you can. It is a proven fact that your brain functions a lot better in the morning and is capable of absorbing new information much easier. Another benefit of this is that you get the whole day after to yourself which you can find that school and life balance. This reduces stress levels and allows you to stay more productive throughout the semester. Further, you should always make a plan on how to allocate your study time and stick with it. If you want to do well in the course, you need to put in the effort – no excuses to this. Further, if you are struggling, it gives you more time to seek for help because the likelihood of tutors, teacher assistants, and professor being available during the day time are higher.

Use our assignment help service: At First Class Assignment, we truly believe that every student can be a genius with a little help. Sometimes, students just don’t have time to work on their assignments or to study but they still want to do well in the course. It may be because the students have a full or part time job, family responsibilities, and other personal matters in life. This is precisely the reason why we decided to establish First Class Assignment! We want students to be able to achieve top grades on their assignments without sacrificing their school and life balance. We understand how stressful it can be as a student, the need to balance your lives with school. Stop hesitating and let our team of Masters and PhD experts help you achieve top grades on your assignments! Not to mention, this is a great study guide to your success for future assignments and your preparation for the exams as well.

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