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It is a proven fact that students need some sort of expert guidance in order to do well on their assignmentswhether they are in post-secondary or graduate school. Our assignment assistance service is one of the most trusted servicesinthe industry. First Class Assignment has distinguished itself by having a track record of helping students achieve top grades for over 10,000+ assignments of numerous subjects.

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We have an award winning team where all our experts have either Masters or PhDs indifferent subjects to help assist with your assignments. Each expert on our team went through a rigorous hiring process to ensure that they are competent to fulfill the needs of the student. Most of our assignment experts on our team were once award winning lecturers at reputable universities across the globe, teacher assistants, and industry professionals with years of experience.

When you entrust your assignment to First Class Assignment, you can be sure that your assignment is done with the utmost care and quality meaning that all assignments are done from scratch and will follow the grading rubric and/or your instructions. We will never do the assignments our own way. This ensures that your assignment is completely plagiarism-free and meets all the necessary requirements in order to achieve top grades.

It is reported that students often feel dissatisfied with just tutoring as it becomes costly and time consuming. First Class Assignment was created because of this problem. We feel that it is not enough for teach students the concepts and have them tackle the assignments on their own without any support. We want to go one step further to help students complete the assignment so that even if the student doesn’t understand the concepts completely, at the very least, the student will not be punished with poor grades.

With our detailed step-by-step derived solutions, students compliment that they find that their learning experience is much more efficient by studying our solutions. It makes them feel more confident and prepares them for the next assignments and/or exams. Our goal is to fast track students so that they can achieve top grades easier and faster without compromising cost and time. When you give your assignment for us to complete, our expert will treat it as if it is their own assignment to be marked.

Some of the popular assignment assistance we help students with are:

English assignment: Every though we live in a world where English is the primary language in most countries, students struggle the most when it comes to writing English. It doesn’t matter whether English is your native language or not because in order to become proficient in writing English, it takes many years of practice. To be more specific, the most popular English assignment that every student feels stressed about is writing essays. There are so many different types of essay and the marking scheme is constantly different due to teacher preferences, it is very difficult for any student to master writing essays. Eight out of ten students will tell you that they are not feeling confident that they did well on their essay assignment. This is precisely why students turn to First Class Assignment for help. Why not transfer your stress and worries to us and have our team of professional writers who have been writing for many years write the essay for you. By doing this, you are actually saving time, stress, and reduce your chance of not getting a great mark.

Writing assignment: Similar to the above, not only do we write great essays, we also provide writing help for any subject. We have a team of Masters and PhDs ready to assist with your assignments. All of our experts have been doing this for numerous years and are competent to help achieve top grades for you. When you use your assignment assistance service, you can be sure that there will be no plagiarism detected. Every writing assignment is written from scratch and according to the grading rubrics, guaranteed.

Business law assignment: We understand that business law is one of the hardest subjects for students as there isimmense information that students must memorize in order to successfully tackle business law cases. At First Class Assignment, we take it to the next level. We actually hire business lawyers to help assist with your business law assignments. These business lawyers know the ins and outs of torts, contracts, consumer protection, agency and employment organizations, and administrative systems. This ensures that your assignment is done with the highest quality. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. While other competitors are capable of doing business law assignments as well, they are not actually business lawyers which mean that they are not capable of thinking beyond the scope of the course to see the big picture which has a huge impact on the marks.

Accounting assignment: We provide assignment assistance for popular topics such as financial accounting, cost accounting, personal and corporate taxes, and audit. Whether you are an accounting major or not, a student in business is required to take accounting and it may or may not be their expertise. Accounting is difficult because not only do you have to analyze numbers, you have to follow the accounting standards such as GAAP or IFRS to prepare the financial statements. The majority of the accounting assignments are in case formats where students are required to prepare and analyze financial statements to help the manager make a decision. Case writing is extremely difficult for students because it is bombarded with information and students need to filter the key points to grasp he bigger picture which requires a solid understanding accounting concepts.

Statistics assignment: Students tend to struggle with probability and hypothesis testing which is why these are the most popular topics that students seek help on. For hypothesis testing, students often get confused about which and when to use the T-test, Z-Test, F-test, and Chi-squared test. In probability, students have difficulty understanding the question as it is always in a mini case format. Students have difficulty interpreting the variables. At First Class Assignment, our Statisticians are ready to tackle your statistics assignment. We have the most innovative cutting edge statistical software to perform complex models.

Finance assignment: Not only is the course face paced, the concepts are very difficult to master. Students often have difficulty understanding all the different types of financial instruments including how to calculate certain missing variables, capital budgeting, dividend policies, and capital structures. There will always be that one assignment where you have to utilize all your knowledge to see the big picture and help the finance manager make a decision. If this isn’t a question on your assignment, it will be on the final exam. Our PhD finance experts are ready to show you what a perfect solution looks like which you can then use it as a study guide.

Economics assignment: Tired of hearing the word demand and supply? Students have a difficult time understanding terms and memorizing formulas and when to use specific formulas on their economics assignment. Let us help with your economics assignment! Our economics expert has been assisting students with micro and macroeconomics.

Calculus assignment: Math is hard and there is no way around it. You just have to keep on practicing until you get it. This is very time consuming and sometimes students just don’t have time but still wants to get the assignment done and get a great mark on it. First Class Assignment can help you achieve this. Derivatives and optimization is usually the areas where students struggle the most. It takes a lot of practice to understand and have the ability to have an idea of how the dimensional shape looks like to find what the missing variable is.

Computer science assignment: Struggling with C+, Python, Ruby, Java, HTML or Visual Basics? We can help. Most of our programmers were employed by top tech companies before and are competent enough to assist with your computer science assignments.

Science assignment: Struggling with physics, chemistry, or biology? Look no further. First Class Assignment can quickly get you top grades on your lab reports. After all, science is one of those subjects where there are plenty of assignments to do. The benefit of this is that there are so many chances to obtain high marks in the course. Let our science experts help you impress your professor, classmates, and friends. Be the wise one!

Other assignments: Don’t see any assignment help that fits into your category from the above? It is expected because there are so many subjects that our team can do, it will take forever to list them all in details. Simply send us your assignment for a quote and we will tell you the details.

As always, the benefits of using our assignment assistance service are the reasonable price, 100% confidential (we will never share or sell your information away), plagiarism-free, and guaranteed on time delivery or money back. Lots of other companies out there claim that they can do the same but First Class Assignment is the only one that has built a reputable brand that students can trust over the years. We take your assignments extremely seriously and our team of experts is ready to help!

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