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Essay Writing – How to write an Academic Paper

Written assignments can prove to be challenging because you have to present your argument in a clear, logical and compelling manner. After all, academic writing is done by scholars for scholars, which only makes it [...]

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How to write a research paper (that will get you A+)

Writing a good research paper is tough and can be a challenge for most students. This article will show you step-by-step guidelines to write one. For most final term college and university courses, a big [...]

February 14th, 2019|Assignment|

Essay Writing: Proofreading vs. Copy Editing

You pour your heart out into words that you've strung together into an essay with an impending deadline. Now, you just need someone who will make sure that your write-up is in top shape and [...]

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English Assignment Help and Writing Services

Struggling with your English assignment or essay? We can help! We got you covered for any English topics such as: essay, book report, case study, term paper, and article summary. We can even write custom essay on any selected topic. Don’t see any related English topic mentioned? Feel free to send us your assignment for a quote because chances are, we can do them! First Class Assignment has employed only the best writers in the industry to ensure that the quality of our writing service is top notch. You can be certain that each assignment is done from scratch and plagiarism free. Not only will our writers follow your rubrics to ensure that we your assignment is completed with care, it goes through a second level review before we send your assignment back. Our goal is to ensure that you score top grades on your English assignments. We will gladly amend any necessary changes until you are fully satisfied with our work.

Accounting Assignment Help

We are committed in providing you with the highest quality solutions for your accounting assignments. Our accounting experts have their PhD and Masters in Accounting with years of industry experiences. Some were even award winning accounting lecturers! At First Class Assignment, you can be certain that each assignment is done individually from scratch and tailored in accordance with the grading criteria to ensure top grades. We cover all accounting topics including: Internal and external audits, taxation, financial accounting, managerial and cost accounting, and comprehensive accounting cases. Whether the assignments are in US GAAP, Canadian ASPE, or IFRS, our experts ready to assist! First Class Assignment is the most trusted brand in this industry with proven results in helping our students achieve higher grades.

Statistics Assignment Help

Feeling frustrated because you are not getting the grade that you deserve? First Class Assignment can help! We have a team of Statisticians who have their PhDs with many years of industry experience. Our Statisticians have helped many students with their Statistics assignment and have built a proven track record of achieving top grades. To ensure quality, we use the most up-to-date cutting edge statistical software which allows us to run the most in-depth and advance statistical analysis on your assignments. We cover all Statistics related topics such as: hypothesis testing related topics, regression related topics, and probability related topics. First Class Assignment has built a paramount reputation in this industry at helping students achieve top grades. By entrusting your statistics assignment for us to complete, you will gradually see your grades and confidence improving exponentially. Many students complimented our detailed step-by-step solutions that we provide. This not only deepen their understanding of Statistics, but it also served as a great study guide when preparing for exams!

Math Assignment Help

Feeling frightened by looking at math grammar such as Latin vocabulary and Greek symbols? Don’t be discouraged. Most students find that math is a completely different language to them. Math is considered as one of the hardest subjects out there. Fortunately, First Class Assignment can definitely help you overcome this frustration! Our formula to success is that we employ only the best Mathematicians in the industry to assist with your math assignments. Our Mathematicians had developed an innovative approach to tackling your math assignments by breaking it down to simple steps. Our solutions are based on a step-by-step approach so that students can learn and grasp difficult concepts easier. We cover all math topics such as: Calculus related topics, Linear Algebra related topics, Real Analysis, Operations Research, Discrete Math, and more! Our Mathematicians have access to the most advanced mathematical software such as MATLAB, Python, Jupyter, and Mathcad which allows us to double check our work to ensure that your assignment is done with utmost care and quality. We pride ourselves in helping students achieve top grades.

I was struggling with my regression analysis assignment so I decided to give it to First Class Assignment. I managed to get an A+ on the statistics assignment. I was able to use the solutions as a study guide for my final exam which really helped in preparing for my exam.
Thanks to First Class Assignment, I was able to grasp the concepts by studying the solutions from my math assignments. It feels great knowing that I know a lot more than my classmates.
Since I discovered First Class Assignment, I feel a lot more confident with my courses. This company has completed 8 accounting assignments for me so far and the grades were never disappointing, always in the A to A+ range.
I was feeling stressed because I had a linear algebra assignment that I was struggling with and it was worth 25% of my final grade.I was fortunate enough to get an A+ on the assignment.I am very amazed by the quality of their work.
Thanks to First Class Assignment, I managed to get an A+ on my probability assignment. The price was very reasonable and I got the assignment back 2 days before the deadline. Well done!

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